Estate Cleaning Made Simple

It may be necessary to remove junk from an estate for many reasons. Life-changing occurrences force one to do such a task, such as death, debt, divorce or higher cost of living. Such occurrences are stressful on their own. Cleaning up the whole house can only add to the stress. Make things simple with proper planning. When it comes to junk removal, there are companies that can help you with that, too.

If ever you’re caught in the middle of these situations and you need help, don’t hesitate to call the experts in trash pick up Long Beach. They can help you deal with your ordeal or at least make sure that you don’t have to worry about the junk that you would have to move when cleaning out the estate. Here are more tips that can help you deal with such a situation.

1. Find all important documents and keep them.

Locate all important documents related to the estate and secure them. Examples of what you should look for are trusts, life insurance policies, bank statements, stock certificates, tax records, and others. You are sure to need these documents in the near future.

2. Check out the smaller things.

People tend to stock up things in unlikely locations. Sometimes, they forget that they kept something valuable in their table drawer and coat pockets. Allot some time to sift through all these places. Check all clothing pockets, high shelves, drawers, and containers.

3. Decide which items to sell or donate.

Most clothes have a small retail price, with the exception of vintage clothing typically seen as the early sixties and earlier products. Occasionally, consignment shops can be a source of revenue from sales of old clothing. You may also sell them at eBay or start a garage sale. Of course, gifts are always welcome. You can give away some of the items to anyone interested or you can bring them to charitable institutions and donate them.

4. Involve all family members.

One effective approach to estate cleaning is to make a list of all the items in the estate and give it to all family members. That way, they can work out things for themselves and take some of the items that they want. Doing this before taking any further steps is highly encouraged to avoid discrepancies and conflicts. If you can request the services of estate lawyers or external mediators, that would be a bigger help.

5. Hire a reputable junk removal company.

The services of junk removal companies are helpful when you’re disposing of a good number of furniture and unwanted items. But before hiring them, be sure to request for a quote first. You have to know how the service provider charges so you can compare their services with the others.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

During these trying times, the support of friends and family members is crucial. Don’t hesitate to accept help when offered or seek it when needed. You will be able to go through these things so much faster if there are people around you who are most willing to help.

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